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We bring cutting edge technologies into real, practical implementation with global industrial leaders on a large scale.

The Disruptive Technology Challenge

Embrace or Die

Traditional industry company leaders know they must embrace Industry 4.0 and beyond in order to improve productivity and competitiveness. Failing to do so will result in their being left behind.

Disruption Creates Opportunity

This digitization not only enables production lines and factories to integrate processes and systems, but also creates new business models and value generation opportunities.

But How?

The challenge, however, is how to pursue and implement these new technologies in a way that will allow them to move quickly enough to fend off the competition.

Introducing SixAI

We partner with leading industrial players to accelerate the adoption of Industry 4.0 & beyond innovations and to progress to their rapid commercialization.

A Challenge Becomes an Enormous Opportunity

Industry 4.0 combines physical assets with the Internet of Things and the Internet of Systems. This evolution is upending manufacturing and making possible Smart Factories all over the world. 

Neve Ilan, Israel

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Our Vision

To become the hub of innovation adoption and commercialization for manufacturing companies that want to stay ahead of the innovation curve.

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