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SIXAI is a leader in system integration solutions for industrial challenges. 

We integrate advanced technologies and Artificial Intelligence (AI) into legacy industries to solve humanity’s challenges today and for generations to come.

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Our VisionOur Vision

Our vision

Our goal is to introduce next-generation AI and technology–pioneered by the most advanced military in the world–into legacy industries to solve humanity’s challenges. Together with our manufacturing partners, we identify and fix problems that impede progress across industries.

Our MissionOur Vision

Our Mission

Through our partnership with IAI, we seek to support organizations and the millions of people they serve with cutting-edge technology to meet the needs of an ever-changing world. With a focus on 4.0 Industry, AI, IoT, and technology integration, we are creating a safer, smarter workplace that helps companies thrive while improving lives worldwide. 

Our Mission

We partner with the Israeli Aerospace Industries (IAI), one of the world’s most respected and advanced defense contractors. Together, we will utilize IAI defense technologies to address the civilian market needs.

IAI - Israel Aerospace Industries         


634AI Maestro center control

MAESTRO is a centralized Control Tower developed by 634AI that enables effective and harmonized indoor outdoor operations. MAESTRO understands everything in motion on the floor and orchestrates the action, at a fraction of the price of today's solutions.

634AI Maestro center control


Captain's Eye Logo

MusashiAI a joint venture between SixAi Ltd. and Musashi Seimitsu of Japan (a Honda Motor Corporation affiliate company, publicly traded on Tokyo Stock Exchange), has launched its fully autonomous inspection robots to integrate seamlessly with human workers in an Industry 4.0 factory environment.

MusashiAI Robot

A New Operational Standard for the Maritime Industry

Captain's Eye a visual inspection system powered by AI that revolutionizes the maritime industry by improving safety and streamlining operations.

Captain's Eye Advanced maritime safety and management system.
Captain's Eye Advanced maritime safety and management system.