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About Us

A group of technology and business veterans

SixAI was established by a group of experienced Israeli entrepreneurs led by Ran Poliakine.

The group has a long standing track record of commercial achievements with tech companies in a wide range of sectors that have successfully created value for their shareholders.  

SixAI was born out of a project with a Japanese partner in Robotics AI which opened a unique opportunity for tech and financial value creation in this space.

What we do

We are a different type of a technology company.
We have 6 concrete projects addressing 6 concrete pain points with advanced Robotics and AI-based solutions. We have a uniquely experienced team to execute on this projects.

We plan to commercialize the 6 projects within 18-24 months.

We utilize proprietary Optics, Edge Computing, Real-AI

We leverage both on internal resources and talent as well as on 3rd party technologies. We intend to buy companies and/or IP to shorten time to commercialization of our projects.


We build robotic and AI-based solutions to be employed - not bought

Our first solutions are built for specific customers but are generic to their respective industries. We address only multibillion dollar potential markets.

We take on a novel approach of a pure OPEX proposition, replacing heavy CAPEX investments in robotic machinery. Our robotic employees can be hired by the hour, work-alongside human employees and be fired if necessary.

The Six


01 Visual Inspection

A universal visual quality assurance employee specializing in mechanical parts. Under 2 seconds defect detection with over 98% accuracy.

An already working prototype was developed in collaboration with MusashiAI, ready for commercial employment in Q2 2020.


02 Forklift Materials Transport

Fully autonomous material transport on production floors with no need of special infrastructure.

A full staffing crew for AI-based autonomous handling includes robotic forklift drivers and their task manager with ERP connectivity for central task management and optimal workflow governance.

An already working prototype was developed in collaboration with MusashiAI, ready for commercial employment in Q2 2020.

03 Autonomous Materials Handling Systems (AMHS)

In design for solving AMHS materials distribution optimization challenges of pod traffic control and congestion resolution.

Primary application is targeted towards semi-conductor FABS with expansion into multiple fields with same pain-points.


04 Last Mile Delivery Automation

Targeting one of the largest retail challenges of last-mile work process automation with unparalleled robotic employment solutions. Currently in design.

05 Placement Agencies Services Related Robotics

An assorted variety of AI-Robotics employment solutions addressing legacy placement agencies' modern needs. Our projects target a real-life applications ranging from Barista robots for the food & beverage industry, to retail isle service and HR knowledge assimilation identification for employee training and interviews.


06 Security AI Robotics

Security processing, violence and theft-recognition AI algorithms are developed as an integral part of a new breed of security robotics solutions for places of business, transportation ports and cross-border locations.

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